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Wrestling and Grappling are not only the oldest forms of Olympic competition used to control opponents by securing body locks, throws and leg attacks but are used by elite level mma fighters today. We focus on total ground control, explosive takedowns, set ups and controlling the pummel to ensure that you are winning in any position.

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David Howard has two black belt certifications, the first one under John Lewis' Nova Unao and the second under Herut Tarzan's Gokor. David has trained many students and knows how to best teach no matter their learning styles.  Always know how to lighten the mood and knows when to get serious on the mat.

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Our MMA Corner Gym is the perfect place for anyone who is interested in getting in better shape and improving their overall fitness. Here we have a firm commitment to working together in a fun, safe and engaging environment that motivates all that are part of it. Your health should be taken very seriously. How you go about improving your game and fitness can be done in a variety of fun ways. So come join us today and see how we can enhance your health lifestyle!.

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9am - 11am & 7pm -  9pm
Wednesday: 9am - 11am & 7pm -  9pm
Thursday: 9am - 11am & 7pm -  9pm
Friday: 9am - 11am & 7pm -  9pm
Saturday: 12pm - 1pm & 4pm -  6pm
Sunday: Closed

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David's MMA Corner
8550 West Desert Inn Rd,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
Tel: 702-600-7550