David Howard


This is my martial arts history I started training with sifu Richard Lamoureaux when I was 12 years old in the arts of Jeet kune do and Filipino martial arts and Kickboxing.

Then I started training with John Lewis in MMA/Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also kickboxing/and Boxing and wrestling. I studied under Mr. Lewis from white belt all the way till now I am a First-degree Black belt under him.

I was very fortunate enough to also get to train under Herut Tarzan and under him, I learned catch as catch can and Judo and wrestling with an MMA blend so I was very privileged to be able to have trained with unbelievable teacher's all 3 men are Masters in the arts they teach.and I am willing to teach you the same way I learned. I have a unique style of MMA/Grappling.

If you are interested in checking out my school or just want to see what I am all about feel free to stop by anytime and try one free class.

My Journey In The Fighting Arts

I'm honored to of been trained by three master


“Best gym ever, it's a big family no ego whatsoever”

—Cesar Murcia

"It's a great gym and the instructor Dave Howard is by far one of the best grappling coaches in Vegas!"

— Steve Quijada-Rodriguez

"He is knowlegable in many different martial arts and no matter your reason to study, he will help you reach your goals."

— Hekili Bond